Meet: Sid, the Clearance Diver

My "assistant" Sid. He gets used as a prop and frequently, when the weather is warm acts as a door opener. Standing where he does he attracts a lot of interest from school children and adults alike.

So, how did I arrive at Sid? When I was a child my god mother's father was a clearance diver in Plymouth Dockyard after and I believe during the war. A dangerous job wearing lead boots and a brass helmet. A quiet man with tremendous dignity and pride in his work, I was very fond of him.

This Sid is made of resin and would probably float very well. He also allows me to demonstrate showing a 3D object on-line using relatively small file sizes, excellent for ceramics and carvings. Sid is against a black background because in reality he would have had little light to work with.

If you place your cursor over him, left click and draw a circle you can slow his turn to suit yourself.

To know more about Clearance Divers try this link.